Adventure Fiji

2017 Program Dates: June 1st – 22nd

We’ve all been involved with some sort of tourism in some point in our lives. But what really goes into making tourism successful? The delicate balance of managing environmental, social, political, and economic factors is the basis of any sustainable tourism system.

Several countries have placed high emphasis on sustainable tourism, as a class in Fiji we will be studying positive and negative decisions that resorts and other tourist destinations have established, learning how Fiji has made its transition from a quiet island nation to a popular tourist destination while addressing the specific needs of sustainability within the region. Adventure Fiji is offered to provide students with the opportunity to examine critical issues facing the tourism industry in this small island nation. Come be a witness, in Fiji, to the world’s largest enterprise – tourism!

What fun is studying tourism without being able to experience it first hand? During our time in Fiji we will explore coastal sea kayaking, white water kayaking passing dozens of beautiful waterfalls, snorkeling pristine lagoons, visit the capital city Suva, and have a chance to obtain level one SCUBA dive certification while studying the coral reef ecosystems of the Yasawa Islands. How could you miss an opportunity like this?